DevNet Journey

Everybody is aware of the different technologies or advances that are impacting our workplace (e.g. Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning, Automation, etc.). In my case, as a network engineer, I see the silos crumbling and companies still trying to figure out, who and what are the resources needed, or how to transform their processes to align themselves, so they can leverage these technologies.

1 min read

Cisco Wireless Licensing

With the introduction of new Wireless LAN Controllers (WLC) and Access Points (APs), Cisco changed the licensing mode to align these technologies with their smart licensing scheme. With this transition many questions arise regarding the migration or upgrade process of your legacy infrastructure to support new technologies.

3 min read

Starting the Blog

As I was looking for new ways to get in touch with cloud services, and to have an archive where I could dump all the information I might find useful, I stumbled upon Maris Elsins’s post on How To Build A Cost-Effective Serverless Blogging Platform On GCP, and it caught might attention, since it combines a good amount of topics that I needed to refresh or I’ve never had the chance to put in practice in a project. I will give it a try and just hope I don’t need to change this platform in the near future.

10 min read